The LEAP Project

The LEAP project enabled people who use mental health services to help shape those services.

About Us

LEAP provided ideas and feedback to people and organisations involved in mental health services. Our members were involved in any way they felt able, to help create services that genuinely addressed their needs.

Our purpose was to enable anyone to have a say – regardless of qualifications or background. All you needed was the Experience, we helped with the rest.

LEAP members got training in how to create change by working alongside services, with constant support from LEAP and each other.

Starting as a Devon based project we became recognised internationally for our work.

LEAP worked as a critical friend to Devon Partnership NHS Trust which is responsible for delivering adult mental healthcare in Devon and Torbay.We attended events, meetings and discussions to provide a voice, influence the development of care, and support other projects with similar aims.


LEAP promotes the principles of Recovery and the self-management of one’s own life.

Recovery is about building a meaningful and satisfying life, as defined by the person themselves, whether or not there are ongoing or recurring symptoms or problems.

Recovery represents a movement away from pathology, illness and symptoms, to health, strengths and wellness.

Hope is central to recovery and can be enhanced by each person seeing how they can have more active control over their lives and by seeing how others have found a way forward.

For more information on Recovery see the Recovery Devon website.