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What does it mean to be fully human?

How can recovery principles support mental health?

Recovery Devon and guests open the mic to views on mental health recovery.

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As well as listening to recent episodes here on our website, the podcast is published on Spotify, iTunes, and hosted on our Buzzsprout page. You can listen on the go, or download a podcast to your device. It’s up to you!

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Why did we start making podcasts?

Em: “How did we get here..?”

Mike: “…Nobody knows!”

Quote from our very first podcast, May 2020

Our podcasts were seeded at an open Development Day in December 2019, where we asked our community what they would find helpful from Recovery Devon.

An audio resource was high on the list. Members felt they’d be an accessible way for people to explore different recovery approaches.

We couldn’t know then that the world was about to become “socially distanced.” We had hoped to record something together professionally, but of course, lockdown made that difficult. Undeterred, we made a start anyway (with a little help from Zoom)… and so our podcasts began!

Since then, podcasts have become a main strand of our work. The variety of voices and styles reflect how deeply personalised recovery is. Everyone on a podcast is a respected equal.

Whilst no two stories are alike, we often hear elements of our experience spoken by others. It’s a wonderful way to feel connected. For some, it can be a bridge to finding their own voice.

Some quotes from podcast guests:

“An absolute pleasure, thanks for letting me be a part of it”

“I’m extremely proud of us all for doing it”

“Thanks, a really good experience”

“It is one of the best things I’ve ever done.”

Interested in podcasting with us?

Wonderful! Have a listen to a few and think about what might work for you. Some prompts to think about:

  • Is there a recovery-focused project or movement that I’d like to tell the world about?
  • Do I have a personal recovery story to tell, and would I prefer to “go public” or stay anonymous?
  • Should it be a presentation, a conversation, a story, a speech, a performance… something else?
  • Who else can help me tell my story? (Supporters, colleagues, friends, experts)
  • How can I make it a valuable process for me, and Recovery Devon’s listeners?
  • Do I have a way to record my voice, or take part in a Zoom call? (We can help you with these.)

You might also like to search our blog for articles on recent podcast episodes.

Our podcast guests are always in control – they are involved in the editing process throughout. We can either produce the podcast for you, or give you a little help to start producing one yourself.

Get in touch for a no-obligation chat. We’ll send you some more information about next steps.