Recovery Devon is organising a Conference and Festival called Recovery Rising for July 3rd 2020

Wisdom, music, feasting and wonder in...








We’re extremely excited, as this aims to be an event that connects people from across mental health services, with speakers from across the UK, sharing some of the most innovative and imaginative practices in Recovery and celebrating some of the best art and music created by people with lived experience.

Our focus is creativity in mental well-being. This means the whole range, using art workshops as therapy, the inspiration that comes from struggling with mental health, and original or unusual approaches that have helped in Recovery.

The Venue is at Exeter University, The Forum, a truly amazing space to match the ambitions of Recovery Rising.

In the morning there will be presentations, workshops sharing knowledge and findings from research, learning how to develop creative workshops and more.

As lunch approaches we relax with a little magic, networking with a quiet backdrop of entertainments and exhibits, all accompanied by a buffet style lunch. Artists will be free to sell their work and take commissions if they wish.

Then as the evening rolls in, the music and BBQ roll out. Artists and bands from around Devon will perform and exhibit work inspired by or about mental health and the challenges many of us face. Around 6pm we’ll enjoy a sumptuous cook-out with hog-roast and vegetarian options.

It’s going to bring some exceptional art, music, performance and entertainment together with expertise and experience to help us see how creativity can be a transforming force in the quest for mental well-being.
We have a number of speakers already, but welcome offers from people with professional or personal experience of using creativity to help themselves or others.
Artists are also invited to contact us if they would like to perform or exhibit; anything from circus skills to painting, music to comedy.
If you’re interested in speaking, performing or attending, contact us here. Tickets will soon be available and we’ll announce them across social media.