Waiting by Nigel Philpot

Dog biscuits lie in a bowl

after my daughter’s visit

two weeks ago.

They are still there

Three weeks ago, I painted

my garden table hammerite red

I left the brushes in a jar.

They are still there

Things hang around,

do not get fixed,

receive no attention

waiting, festering, stagnating.

There is no change,

just an eerie silence.

I am holding onto something

but do not know exactly what

Maybe at one time

there was too much change

too many thoughts and feelings

to take in. I could not cope

I sit at home, in bars and cafes

taking my time

waiting, thinking

Once on a trek, Lady Asquith admonished her porters

when they took a rest

“come on you lot get on with it!”

“Mam” came the reply

“we are just waiting for our souls

to catch up with us”

Nigel Philpot – 2014