Upwards and Onwards

Where are we going?
What shall we see?
What’s the energy buzz?
Where’s the dance of the bee?

What’s new here and now?
What’s the adrenalin flow?
Where do new technologies want us to go?
What’s holding us back?
What’s blurring our vision?
As Valhalla has passed
So will our prisons.

Messages winging through galaxies far
Dark echoes swallowed by a far distant star.
Hope seeks solutions; away with the chains.
A knowledge expanse can bring equality gains.
The earthward eyes can’t fail to miss
Our speeding journey towards the abyss

What’s beyond the horizon
Earth’s future relies on.
The pariah’s of the past
Will be thrown backwards at last.
With determined hearts we salute the sun
And make a stand until we’ve won.

The sentiment of times gone by
Bring rust and gold with the memories eye.
The objective truth is hard to keep
We’ll all grow weary before we sleep.
But our musical messages tell us to stay
Bringing hope and a refuge at the end of the day.

Linden Lynn