The road trip near sestina of Pat, Sue and Nina

By Dunblane roundabout on a windy motorway
Pat stuck a thumb out, fleeing from trouble
With sodden trainers, leaking cagoule, gloves no good
Fearing from past experience that to woe was bound
Looked rough ahead, frantic for that miracle turn
Of fate, where a busy driver had that change

Of heart. And Sue who liked hitchers slowed to change
Down gears then halt. Provided that helping turn
Pat needed. Wanting food and fags it was no trouble
To buy for two at Ninas’ where the grub was good.
‘We’ll sleep in the wagon, if that’s Ok, you’re bound
To feel better the morn, we’ll make good time, be way

Ahead. The Eurostar route, it’s way
Good to go down the ‘Dam, I’m Holland bound
You’ve been too! – Just carrying daffs no trouble
With border control. Sleep now my love, you’re as good
As anyone I’ve met. And cash your Giro next week I’ve change
In pounds and euros plenty, no it’s my lucky turn

To pick up you! And then when we return
We’ll eat full cooked at Ninas’ for a change?
You cheeky thing! Gimme a hug. You’re beautiful by the way
We’ll have a shower –  I’ve bubbles, lovely jub you’re bound
To love the grapefruit – hey you’re leaving Callendar was a good
Move and as they say – Never trouble trouble

Till it troubles you and you’re no trouble!’

And from then on better came from good
For Pat and Sue got hitched. Sue didn’t change
Her mind, big Nina did the spread. LC felt bound
To read her poetry at the service. KT did a turn
Singing and guitar. What KT Tunstall? Hey no way!

But yes Our Way -as writers we are bound
To give our tails a turn – the limelights never trouble
My poem’s well good – hey spare a little change!

Elsie Katz