The Recovery Letters

The Recovery Letters – the idea is simple yet brilliant. Letters written by people who have been through the living nightmare of depression to the person we see in our mind’s eye who is still struggling. Every letter simply addressed ‘Dear you.’

Many individuals write, each with their personal experience of this horrible condition. Shared truths emerge, a growing awareness that none of us deserve this, that depression is an illness that tells us lies, that leads us to believe that we are stuck in the tunnel forever. An awareness that the gloom will lift, that the sun will come out again.

I have my own copy of this book as my own letter is on pages 153-4 under my pen-name ‘Elsie!’

The Recovery Letters, Addressed to People Experiencing Depression edited by James Withey and Olivia Stephen

The paperback is available from Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 73 Collier Street, London N1 9BE ISBN 978 1 78592 183 4

You can also visit the Recovery Letters website here.

Review kindly submitted by Rachel Schofield