The door

The doorway to God

The need has arisen to pray
when you can no longer find peace
every day has the same tinge of grey
so as you drag your weary body off to bed
wishing for relief from haunting thoughts
and wicked words that invade your head

ask for the strength of God, who will melt with love
the pain that made your life fill with mud
so you can sail upon the waves
that fill the ocean sent from heaven above

To have the wind which forms a path
to sail straight through your life
looking back you leave behind the worry and the strife

and all because you asked the lord from heaven above
and he replied I am the true God and I am filled with love
I am at your door, the door to your soul,
I will make you whole and free from sin
Just open the door, and let me in

Beverley Findley