‘A’ is for Anguish with a capital ‘A’

‘B’ for the Bureaucrats who break us each day.

‘C’ for Compassion that supports those in need.

‘D’ for the Dignity of all, we agreed.

‘E’ Education the enabler of change.

‘F’ for the Future of known and of strange.

‘G’ for the Glory of Brain, Eye and Hand.

‘H’ is the Hope of Peace in all lands.

‘I’ is the Ignorant locked in their hate.

‘J’ is for Justice to create a fair state.

‘K’ is for Knowledge of Truth and of Love.

‘L’ is for Learning to nurture the dove.

‘M’ for Machines that have changed all our lives.

‘N’ for Nano-technology and progressive new drives.

‘O’ is Oppression, the destruction of mind.

‘P’ for Persistence of belief in mankind.

‘Q’ is for Questions that challenge pretence.

‘R’ is Resistance that powers our defence.

‘S’ is for Striving and fighting for right.

‘T’ is for Thinking, a search of delight.

‘U’ for Unemployment the scourge at our door.

‘V’ is for Victory of the weak and the poor.

‘W’ for Words to express our ideas.

‘X’ the factor to challenge our fears.

‘Y’ is our Young, the seedcorn and youth.

‘Z’is the zealous pursuit of the truth.

Linden Lynn 1997

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