Recovery Pictures

We are pleased to present art work from our supporters.

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Pictures from Holsworthy Link Centre

'Moon Landscape' by Clive
‘Moonscape’ by Clive

'Underwater Image'_small
Underwater Image

'My Safe Place' by Di_small
‘My Safe Place’ by Di

'Tree in Winter'_small
‘Tree in Winter’

'Tree in Summer'_small
‘Tree in Summer’

'How I'm Feeling' by Diane_small
‘How I’m Feeling’ by Diane_small

'Tree in Winter 2'
‘Tree in Winter 2’
'My Safe Place' by Niggy
‘My Safe Place’ by Niggy

'Still Life - Picasso style' by Claire
‘Still Life – Picasso style’ by Claire


'Still Life'
‘Still Life’

'Tree in Winter 3' by Di
‘Tree in Winter 3’ by Di
'Fish' by Helen
‘Fish’ by Helen

Art sessions are usually run every week at Holsworthy Link Centre and ‘Mark Making’ courses are well attended too. Most of the pictures here are from the ‘Mark Making’ Course run in January 2011.

Work is framed and hung around the centre for everyone to admire, with permission of course!

The Centre runs a Mosaic Workshop on Tuesday’s, where people can attend and produce a mosaic that will be mounted on the outside porch of the Centre to brighten up the place. All materials and equipment are supplied by the Centre and support from the staff is always available.

Pictures from Lesley Bricknell

DSC_2882_2_small1_small 2_small 3_small   4_small 9_2_small

Lesley writes:
In my photographs I am interested in exploring fragility.  I use materials I consider emotive such as human hair, wax, soot.  For several years I worked with chemical photography.  I now work with digital imagery.  Art for me is a validating process whatever the medium.  My work is essentially intuitive underpinned by reading especially traditional fairy tales and women’s literature.

Visit her website at

Pictures from another supporter

Woman_and_Baby_small Golden_Hair_Woman_small