A poem inspired by the Development Fund happy to share cards


Yet again I’m in the Cafe
on a comfy sofa
yet again I’m all alone
but no one will come over

another warm and cozy seat
is facing my existence
couples come and couples go
make sure they keep their distance

when I first sat down to rest my bones
there were humans at this table
human limbs were intertwined
do I look like I’m a label?

perhaps they think I’ve some disease
stood up and left me wondering
they took another table
far away from my encumbrance

they ordered food, she cawed at him
a cocky carrion crow
If he’d picked up a parrot
perhaps he’d learn to say hallo

another day, a year, a lifetime
talking to myself
I’ve forgotten what it’s like
to share the world with someone else

I push away my plate with crumbs
of freshly slaughtered bagel
beneath a card cries ‘stand me up
if you’re happy to share your table’

I readily oblige and read
kind words from Recovery Devon
spare a thought for lonely souls
you might end up just like them