Patrick – By Caroline

1 have known Patrick since I started working at Lycette Care and The Alternatives to Care Scheme in July 2012.

Patrick has always been very willing to learn new skills and has taken advice and support very well. Patrick has been supported to face challenges from his past and put them behind him. He says that he has learnt from the mistakes he has made. He now has a good relationship with his family and has a wide network of friends.

Patrick has been supported to learn new skills to help him advance and move on to living independently. Patrick has learnt to look after his finances, organise his week so that he has fulfilling and meaningful activities to do and has recently started paid work. Patrick also does voluntary work once a week and is actively involved with his local community.  Patrick is working towards moving into a flat of his own this year and has shown that he now has the skills and is capable of living independently.

Patrick is a kind caring and generous person who always looks for the best in other people and always looks at improving his situation.

Patrick appears very positive about his future and knows where to find support if he ever needs it so that he can stay positive and continue his recovery.