Noel’s Story

I totally believe that when you’re dealing with people you’ve got to be 100% honest. I’ve been lucky because people always seem to have trusted me. I make a difference to people because I’m honest with them.

I started out with a great group at Wonford. We all cared and we won an award for the best multi-disciplinary team. Times moved on and the ward was closed. I became less happy. But chance and the work gave me a bad back and I found myself working with the community out of Howell Road. It was the luckiest thing that ever happened to me. A lot of my job was about walking out with people and I was working to Patrick, an inspired manager. On average I walked about 15 miles a day. When you walk with someone you relax together, you become totally open and the conversation flows. I can’t by-pass people, they are all human beings to me. If I do something that helps somebody, I’m happy. If you’re there for someone, you’ve got to be there for the right reasons. If you’re ‘normal’ with people, isn’t that a great way to be.

The only time that I got really concerned about you, Mark, was that day by the river when you were there but no longer there. It was terrible to see you like that.

I have an issue with time. How can you time a meeting with some people? If they see you rushing things, they’ll know you don’t care. I love the team I’m working with now. Not one of them is doing the job for the wrong reasons. Straight away it’s ‘yes’.