My Bucket List

I seen it in a movie once, the person made a list,
All the the things he wants to do and all the things he missed,
It really got me thinking what my list would be,
I wondered what hope and dreams I held inside of me.

I’ve always said I’d love to throw myself out of a plane,
That sounds a little drastic and to some I guess insane,
I loved the thought of flying so high above the clouds,
Freedom for that moment where no thoughts are allowed.

I’ve always fancied travelling, Australia my first stop,
Then onto Singapore or maybe island hop,
I’d love to see Hawaii or Barbados even more,
Discover other cultures and what they have in store.

Maybe I could visit all my family and friends,
Some in John O’Groats and others at Lands End,
I miss them all so much and the memories we made,
I’d love to make some new ones though the old will never fade.

I’ve dreamed about a jet-ski, the waves crashing around,
Find a desert island where I would not hear a sound,
I’d stay there for the night and I’d build my own campfire,
Staring at the skies and the stars I could admire.

I paused for a moment as I realised there’s one thing
I’d forsake all the dreams I have, i’d forsake everything,
My dreams could last forever and the hope will always stay,
I scored out all that’s on my list and told myself I’d pray.

I wouldn’t pray for flying or travelling far east,
I wouldn’t dream of beaches, no campfire or a feast,
No bucket list required, only one thing that I ask,
My mental health restored and may that restoration last.

Angela M