John’s Support Worker’s Story

John first arrived with us in March 2010 very thin pale and weighing in at around seven stone soaking wet. It became clear to staff that John would be very challenging and demanding and that is how it turned out. Staff were subjected to verbal abuse and high demands on a daily basis and if John did not get his way then he would throw himself on the floor claiming to have panic attacks. John was on extremely high doses of prescribed medication as well as his unprescribed use of illicit drugs. As a staff team it was decided that we stay firm with how we supported John and not to give in to his demands and in time the strategy worked and John began to understand that there was a way out of his misery.

John has had a number of key workers since being here and I have worked with him as his key worker for a rollercoaster year. John has relapsed on several occasions but has persisted with his recovery plan working well with both drug and mental health services. John has been encouraged to share his history to help him address his issues from his early days in care and is trying to obtain his records. We have now got John to the stage where he is ready to move on to his own independent accommodation with a lower level of support. John’s success is down to his determination and great team effort from John’s support workers.