Jason Daden – Poetry Collection

My name is Jason Daden and I am a poet. I used to be a mechanical engineer. I am fifty one years old. I have been writing poetry most of my life. Writing helps me escape everyday life. It is my therapy.

Actresses and actors.
Actors and actresses,
Actresses and actors,
The world is a stage,
Living in a mad world is a bit like being trapped in a cage
Got to tame that inner rage.

Falling apart
Falling apart,
At the seams,
Fix a broken man,
Pump up a flat tyre,
You know I ain’t no liar,
Or a town crier,
Or even a Dragon slayer
But I got a heart of gold,
And my hands are usually cold,
Cold hands warm heart,
I used to be a bit of a male tart,
This is not the end,
It is the start,
Of a new day,
One day closer to GOD.

I mean it.
I mean it
I think therefore I am,
I am a listener not a talker,
I am a walker,
Not a car driver,
Or a cyclist,
I am a poet not a singer.

Some are born into it,
Some have it thrust upon them,
I was born to be great,
As life goes on things begin to fall into place.

Is golden,
It speaks louder than words,
I am listener not a talker,
I hate talking,
It is false for me,
As silent as the grave.

Is a gift,
Life is what you make it,
It is also full of shit really,
Too much suffering creates too much hate,
All we need is love and respect.

Even More.
Even more,
I mean it,
As I get older and I stay sober I can see through human beings,
They wear masks to hide themselves from the truth.

No worries.
No worries,
Don’t worry about anyone or anything,
Everything is going to be alright,
You got to get it right,
Never give up looking for the light.