I want my old job back

Our inside and our out we give away
I hand in forms to re-apply at my work
Subject to DBS. I know the pay

Will come in handy. Another day
Another dime. My insecurities lurk
Beneath my smile. But where there’s way

There’s will. I can’t say nay
Without a try, only a jerk
Would be defeatist. Though I have to say

This ‘boundaries’ stuff we’ve got to follow today,
The policies and procedures of our work,
It’s garbage. It’s obvious we give away

Our inside and our out. My health I needs must say
On paper and for real it good enough works
Yet could be better, possibly yours too. Anyway

The point of this, dear Joe, I won’t delay,
Is that I like you, and if the work
Accepts me back (on cleaning), hey some day
Perhaps you’ll like me too and…who’s to say?