Feeling and being in the here and now

Some people have a lover to care,
together, their thoughts they do share,
others, may confide, in mothers, fathers,
sons, daughters and brothers.
can it be, then,
there is no-one inside your head?
no-one to give comfort,
no thoughts to have read,
no-one, to even feel pain when you are dead!
Now I ask you, Look again!
Look through the clouds,
the clouds around Your Head!

You are your own special angel,
No one on this earth could understand,
the things you know in your own land,
for you are free!

free to laugh and to love,
free to see, free just to be.

free to say, look here I stand
being just what I want to be
I can be loveable and free,
But, being most importantly,
just me.

Beverley Findley