Daisy’s Support Worker’s Story

Dear Daisy,

You clothed yourself in black and hid behind your hair- a wall of defence against the army of professionals who invaded your life at the tender age of 12. They went as fast as they came, reinforcing your feelings of abandonment.

8 psychiatrists and 5 coordinators later, Age 18: I somehow had to penetrate your wall of defence, reach the girl full of despair, fear and loneliness. I was given a mission to replace despair with HOPE, fear with TRUST, loneliness with CONNECTION to the world.

With perseverance I called on every resource to get alongside you. I worked with the girl and not the diagnosis. I introduced my network of peers, friends and colleagues, they introduced acceptance, shared experience, music and meaningful occupation. They enabled you to emerge and transform. You gave me the privilege of accompanying you on your journey. Now at the age of 19, you are a beautiful, confident young woman, I’m PROUD of you!

A few of my special moments:

  • The shine in your eyes when we gave you a bunch of daffodils to celebrate you catching the bus alone.
  • When you told me you had travelled independently to meet a friend
  • Hearing your laughter and moans as we beached our boat
  • A comfortable silence, shared understanding with a peer
  • Communication and connection through music, you mastering a tune on the guitar.
  • The girl who sat exams and received distinctions

I feel blessed to work for STEP. I have a supportive manager who enables me to do my job.

Thank you for giving me your TRUST x