Daisies for Recovery

Since the publication of ‘Putting recovery at the heart of all we do’,

daisies have become an informal symbol of recovery in Devon.

Here are some we have found. Click on the picture to see the full size image.

Small_Daisies_01 Small_Daisies_02 Small_Daisies_03 Small_Daisies_04
Small Daisies 26 Small_Daisies_06 Small_Daisies_07 Small_Daisies_08
         Small_Daisies_09         Small Daisies 22  Small_Daisies_11 Small_Daisies_12
      Small_Daisies_13 Small_Daisies_14 Small_Daisies_15  Small_Daisies_16
      Small Daisies 41        Small_Daisies_18  Small_Daisies_19        Small Daisies 45
       Small_Daisies_20   Small Daisies 42     Small_Daisies_17  Small Daisies 43