Beyond the Storms

Beyond the Storms is a collection of stories gathered by Recovery Devon. They are an honest, sometimes raw account of survival and recovery through many forms of mental ill-health. You can download Beyond the Storms PDF (3mb) here.

If these stories help you, or you feel they could help people you know or work with, please share them. Recovery Devon is always looking to add to the collection of stories – as everyone will respond to something different and you never know what will inspire someone to fight on. If you would like to contribute please get in touch. We are currently working towards ‘Riding The Storms’, which will look not at how we ‘get well’ but at how people survive long term struggles, day-to-day when battling with their mental health.

Hard copies of Beyond the Storms can be obtained (free of charge – donation requested) from James Wooldridge. Email James Wooldridge

Or use our contact form and request information on Beyond the Storms.