What Recovery Means To Me

Suzan Arisoy: When I first started work at HUBB, in June last year, I had never heard of the ‘Recovery Model.’ Neither had I heard the term ‘Service User.’

John – Seeker After Truth

My search for truth has taken me to places more bleak and terrifying than the Doré illustrations that are my constant companions. Now I am back in the place where I was born, trying to make sense of it all.

Elsie DSCN0438 small

Elsie’s Story

Twenty-two years ago I met Bill at a mental health meeting. We went insane. I was hospitalised and diagnosed bipolar.

Socrates’ Story

It seems to me that I made a choice of two roads when I was about eleven, though this will deal with about three critical years spent in and near the town where I grew up and from which I had left to be educated.

Richie’s Care Worker’s Story

When I was asked to write this short piece it felt like an impossible task as I could fill a journal with our therapeutic journey from where you were to where you are now. I decided to concentrate on one aspect: finding the JOY.

Richie’s Story

Mum and I get on well now, but childhood was difficult for me and my elder brother. Dad was around but a lot of time away in the army.