A poem inspired by the Development Fund happy to share crads

HAPPY TO SHARE Yet again I’m in the Cafe on a comfy sofa yet again I’m all alone but no one will come over another warm and cozy seat is facing my existence couples come and couples go make sure they keep their distance when I first sat down to rest my bones there were […]

Cally Starforth Hill – Poetry collection

You can find more of Cally’s work on her website here. DAY   You announce yourself at sunrise without a name familiar but blank as a new born I have no choice must invite you in   you smile, but will it be a false one? empty eyes will I climb to your heights or […]

Darren Anderson – Poetry Collection

I started writing poetry when I was about 11 years old when I heard the voices in my head. Poetry was the thing that kept me going and helped me express how I felt.

Sun Song – by Rachel Scholfield

Sun Song   The food, the flowers, the family, the friends Morrie and Joan’s back garden, back in The suburbs of North London.   Today – a sunny Devon garden.   Full blackberry baskets on Barn Hill Not last year’s small and wormy Big, juicy, – the leaf and shell tin for 9 small pies. […]

Tools To Escape

Tools we use to escape, Alienated for the last time, I’m recharging on cherries, Aces are wild

Orchard – A Poem

This poem draws on a memory of working at Redhall Nurseries, a project owned by the Scottish Association for Mental Health. It was a perfect autumn day and the work and outdoor setting led to a feeling of being fully present and alive whilst having a connection to the past.

Please Stay

I had a friend that committed suicide. For years, when I’d think of him, I’d cry. I cried because he was such a bright light, a sensitive and loving soul and he couldn’t see it.

My Bucket List

I seen it in a movie once, the person made a list, All the the things he wants to do and all the things he missed…