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For Ourselves

SuperBetter App

SuperBetter is an online game that takes elements of your life and ‘gamifies’ them, to help you face challenges and overcome difficulties both practical and emotional.

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National Links


Elefriends is an online support forum which anyone can join to talk. The site is aimed at younger people.

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National Links

Shrink Wrap Radio

Provides free access to over 500 wide ranging interviews with leading gures in the world of mental health and psychotherapy.

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The Recovery Letters

James Withey runs a website called the Recovery Letters, hosting many letters by people with depression about the realities of daily life, managing their lives and messages of hope.

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Local Links

Mindful Employer

Mindful Employer is a completely voluntary service companies can sign-up to. It helps employers to support mental wellbeing at work for themselves and their staff.

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Help everyone Recover

Every penny goes towards promoting recovery practices in mental health care in Devon.