About Recovery Devon

We are:

  • A community of people of good will who support Recovery and wellbeing; both as a personal vision and as an underpinning value base to promote radical change in mental health attitudes and provision.
  • A partnership, including people with lived experience of mental health issues and their supporters and family, alongside mental health practitioners.
  • We are now also a Community Interest Company, limited by guarantee.

Our own Recovery Plan

There are unique challenges in being an organisation in which the majority of staff and volunteers have lived experience of mental health difficulties. As we encounter and manage these challenges we share our learning in the hope that other organisations may benefit and may become more ‘recovery aware’.

Thus far our approach to ensuring resilience includes three main elements. One is a general WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) aimed at monitoring the health of our organisation as a whole. The second is for each board member to have a one-page plan to highlight warning signs and remind of coping strategies. Third, we are developing a virtuous circle of support, where each board member supervises another. This has the added benefit that there is always a ‘deputy’, aware enough of another’s workload that they can step-in and manage if needed.

If you wish to create a more mental-health aware organisation, peer-support or other group please feel free to contact us as we are always happy to share learning and wisdom!

We meet on the basis of mutuality, equality and democracy, working together to deliver and influence cultural change towards Recovery.

Recovery Devon believes that people can and do recover from mental health difficulties with the right support and opportunities. With help, people can build meaningful and satisfying lives, whether or not there are ongoing mental health issues.

This is both an aim and an issue of social justice.

Community Interest Company Documents

Recovery Devon became a Community Interest Company on 15 June 2012, Company Number 08107189.

We believe in keeping our activities and organisation as transparent as possible. We think this will both encourage involvement in our activities and also mirror the philosophy of Recovery which underpins all we do.

Thus, we are pleased to make the following documents available for download:

Recovery Devon Objects
(our aims and objectives – these form No.5 of the Articles below)

Recovery Devon Community Interest Company Articles of Association
(our constitution – 24 pages)

Recovery Devon Form CIC36 
(Form submitted to the CIC Regulator to demonstrate we operate in the community’s interests)


Whilst we make every effort to keep the information on this web site accurate, we disclaim any warranty or representation, express or implied about its accuracy, completeness or appropriateness for a particular purpose.

Therefore you assume full responsibility for using the information at our web site, and you understand and agree that neither Recovery Devon nor any of its employees is responsible or liable for any claim, loss or damage resulting from its use.

Special Thanks

We owe special thanks to Laurie Davidson, Glenn Roberts and Linden Lynn, who helped establish Recovery Devon and have supported it ever since.

Our thanks also go to Richard Brabrook, who created and maintained the original Recovery Devon website, Ben Roberts, of Atomic Antelope, who set up the second site, and Phil Wayne and Geof Lynn, who updated and maintained it until 2015. Our new web chap is Mike Smith of Digital Smithy who translated our entire site into WordPress, all 333 posts and 522 documents at the time, and aims to improve our social media and bring new benefits to membership through the web.

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