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Can you invent a name for the DPT Charitable trust?

DPT’s charity is currently registered as Devon Partnership NHS Trust Special Charity. The charity is an umbrella for all the Trust’s charitable funds and therefore raises money to make a difference to the people who use services.

2017 Survey results and plan of action

At the beginning of the year, Recovery Devon asked its members to complete a survey about ways to get involved and stay in touch. Here are the results and what Recovery Devon plans to do next.

DF17 – Write Me lyric and music workshops

Write Me uses lyric-writing and singing as a focus for narrative therapy work to help people transform negative or damaging beliefs about themselves and the world around them.

DF17 – PTSD Peer Support

Jason will use his personal experience of PTSD to help support others with similar experiences by setting up drop-ins and facilitating peer support.