Call Out for Collaborators!

Exeter University and Four of Swords Theatre group are looking for people with lived experience of seeing and hearing things that others don’t to co-create a theatre project!

We Big Brother is an exciting new theatre-based project by a team of
researchers at the University of Exeter and Edinburgh, and immersive
theatre company Four of Swords.

This summer, we are workshopping an adaption of George Orwell’s classic
novel Nineteen Eighty Four, which will explore questions of technological
control, power and oppression in our contemporary world. As part of this,
we are interested in the similarities between seeing, hearing and thinking
things other people don’t, and tech-driven forms of totalitarian control,
like Big Brother. We think this could be a great project for challenging
stigma and overturning clichéd and lazy representations of people who
hear, see and think things others don’t, whilst also being a playful,
imaginative and thrilling piece of theatre.

We want paid collaborators to consult on the work in progress, and to take
part in workshops to create the play.
We want to hear your thoughts and ideas, and then take them forward
into the creative process. All contributions will be treated with respect,
dignity and seriousness, but the project itself will be fun, provocative …
and paid!

Closing date to apply:
15th May 2023

How to apply:
Contact Michael J Flexer at the University of Exeter at or call him on 0779 382 1818.

Involvement payment details:
£30 for a 90min discussion.
£150 per day of workshop and/or governing meetings.
All expenses (travel and accommodation) paid.
Refreshments provided

For more information watch this Youtube video: