Annual Report 2022-23

This year marks our 20th anniversary, which will be a big part of our celebration, 2023 Recovery Day. When we began few people knew about recovery and mental health was heavily stigmatised. Things are much changed, the world more aware and open about the realities of our mental landscapes, the normalcy of periods of illness or struggle and the need for mental health care to be ‘baked in’ to our cultures and not just bolted on to our health services.

As the landscape has shifted, so have we – with a steady move from raising awareness of recovery into creating opportunities at a more grass-roots level. Now that organisations and communities are more aware of the importance of mental health, and of the recovery movement itself, it has made sense to turn to putting our principles into practice. Our community development work, alongside the development fund, have been instrumental in this shift from promoting policy change to creating tangible projects and group work which offers hope and connection to diverse communities.

One eye is always on the wider context, and we continue to monitor and be involved in recovery research. Our thanks, as ever, go to Devon Partnership Trust for their continuing support and funding, especially in respect to recovery as an organisational practice.

We are proud to have been a small part of the change in our understanding of mental health. We also recognise that more needs to be done, and hope to be a part of that work well into the future.

You can read or download our latest annual report here.