World Mental Health Day 2022

Monday 10th October is World Mental Health Day and to mark the day mental health community interest company Recovery Devon is launching its new video spelling out the ethos of mental health recovery and the main recovery principles of offering individuals hope, choice and opportunity in their lives.

Hilda Kalap, Managing Director of Recovery Devon said:  Historically clinicians have tended to view recovery in mental health as when someone has an experience or episode of being mentally unwell and then it ends.  This is changing.

Recovery Devon works at the grassroots community level where we see people’s recovery in a broader way – that recovery is not the ending of an episode but the management of mental health using coping strategies that could be lifelong.  For us recovery is defined as someone leading a life they feel has meaning and purpose, a life filled with more moments of hope and feelings of choice than feeling powerless.”

Recovery Devon trains many stakeholders in the history of the recovery movement and the principles of recovery including academics and clinicians. Its influence is in shaping services and supporting delivery at a community level.  The organisation also runs peer support groups and has produced several books and other publications showcasing the voice of lived experience.

The new two minute video by filmmaker Poppy Metherell can be viewed here:

Thanks and credit to Go Ape in Haldon Forest near Exeter for donating their space for filming.

For further information please contact: or phone 07983216793