What’s on this April

As the world unlocks, our calendar is getting busier! Here’s a few events coming up this April that we wouldn’t want you to miss. Whether you want something active, something reflective, or something inspiring, have a look at what’s coming up…

Self Defence Class, Sunday 25th April

Sunday 25th April brings something a little different for us; a one-off Self Defence class, kindly offered by Devon’s Karate Academy. It’s our response to community worries about personal safety. This is an inclusive event for all genders, and we welcome those from the LGBTQ+, BAME and Disability communities.

Three men in karate dress stand in a relaxed pose on a beach.

To adhere to current COVID guidelines, you’ll need to attend with a partner from your support bubble. This ensures you can learn contact moves correctly. All the details and booking information can be found on our Eventbrite page. You can find out more about the Karate Academy’s approach to self-defence on their website.

Carers’ Writing Workshop, Monday 26th April

Next up on Monday 26th April we’re hosting an afternoon Carers’ Writing Workshop. If you care for someone, informally or officially, it’s important to take some time for your mental health. This friendly, relaxed workshop will explain why recovery stories are important for both the writer and the reader.

There’ll be an invitation to submit your story to our next anthology, “Weathering The Storms.” Learn more about our anthologies so far in our bookshop (and pick up a free copy of anything you fancy!)

Tuesday 27th April, Phoenix Night – “Soteria: Being With, instead of Doing To” with Margaret Turner

Our long-time friend and member of Recovery Devon, Margaret Turner is UK Secretary of the Soteria Network. In her talk “Soteria: ‘Being With’ instead of ‘Doing To,” Margaret will share both her personal recovery journey and professional interest – telling how these led her to Soteria.

The Soteria Network is a network of people in the UK promoting the development of drug-free and minimum medication therapeutic environments for people experiencing ‘psychosis’ or extreme states. They are part of an international movement of service users, survivors, activists, carers and professionals fighting for more humane, non-coercive mental health services.

Margaret Turner

In Margaret’s own words:

“I am a former mental health social worker, and remain actively involved in a voluntary capacity.

It was when working in the Midlands, feeling alienated in a system that imposed medical solutions and neglected social factors, that I came upon the Centre for Community Mental Health in Birmingham. Here I heard some of mental health’s radical visionaries speak – among them Thomas Szaasz (The Myth of Mental Illness), Jaakko Seikkula, founder of Open Dialogue, and Loren Mosher, founder of Soteria! This gave me a glimpse of different possibilities – and especially of hope!

Soteria Network UK had its beginnings in Bradford in 2004, inspired through Mosher’s speaking tour. I joined in 2007 at an Open Meeting convened in Birmingham where its philosophy and values were presented, where people with lived experience spoke with moving eloquence and where hopes and aspirations for the future were shared. I have been its secretary since 2009.”

Your presence, questions, and feedback are welcomed.