We are broadening our horizons

Our way of working is looking a little different this year and we are using this opportunity to broaden our outreach across Devon’s communities. As we do so, it is important that our work with the people we support and our partnership organisations, reflects the wider community we serve.

Going forward, we aim to connect with additional groups and individuals who may not be aware of what Recovery Devon has to offer. We will do so by making sure that our resources and services are accessible and approachable.

Having our two new Community Development Workers (not so new anymore!) means that our team now has capacity to connect with more organisations.

Sami James and Em from Recovery Devon
Sami Goulding, James Wooldridge and Em Flint Art by Anthony Shapland

You may have already noticed some small but important changes. These include adding the rainbow symbol to our website and using pronouns on email signatures. We were also delighted to have recently secured funding to provide British Sign Language interpreters for one of our Phoenix Nights. Our podcasts also include a variety of people with widely differing backgrounds covering a range of communities.

Recovery Devon Podcast Logo

We are also endeavouring to shape our leadership team towards being more representative of the communities we serve.

We continue to strive to be more visible as an ally, understanding that although we may not share the same experiences, we nevertheless can provide people with the platform to share their stories.

Every single person’s story is important to us and Recovery Devon will ensure that our differences are celebrated together with the values we share.

As ever, Recovery Devon recognises this as a continuous process of learning and whilst we may not always get it right, we will not shy away from difficult conversations.

The world is rapidly changing and we will keep ourselves open to growth. We do so in the hope of nurturing a compassionate and accepting community where anyone who so wishes can have their experiences heard, seen, valued and appreciated.