Taking care at Christmas

Christmas 2021 is upon us. Here at Recovery Devon we are taking the rare step of a break from work this year, to look after our small staff team and allow us all to come back refreshed and well for 2022.

Before we sign off for the year, we’ve gathered together some resources to turn to over the next couple of weeks: listed below are some sources of support, along with ideas for things you might like to try as the year turns to 2022.

We’ll be checking our main inbox at hello@recoverydevon.co.uk daily for anything urgent. In the meantime, we wish everyone in our community a healthy and safe season, and we’ll be back at our desks from 4th January 2022.

With warm wishes – Jody, Sami, Em, and everyone at Recovery Devon

Our friends at Devon Recovery Learning Community have some incredible courses that you can sign up to, to help over the winter months. This Winter Survival Kit in particular caught our eye: ‘Winter can be a really difficult season, especially for those of us who experience depression or Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). However, it has been proved that by embracing what winter has to offer, rather than dreading it, we can improve the way we fare during the darker, colder months, and can learn to enjoy winter life in a more positive way. This Winter Survival Kit is a list of suggestions that might just be what you need to brighten and warm your life during the darkest, coldest season. Download it from the blue button. And remember: you have got through every winter so far, and the days start getting longer after 21st December. The sun will come again.’

The DRLC has just updated its 2022 calendar with lots of online and (conditions permitting!) in-person courses starting from January, so have a browse: https://devonrlc.co.uk/

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Mental Health struggles don’t just magically go away over Christmas… if only! Here’s some really handy advice from the charity Mind. There’s info on why people might struggle over Christmas, advice on how to cope over Christmas, how to support others, and some really helpful contact numbers.

The Primary Care Mental Health Team at Honiton have been uploading some great advice on how to manage throughout Christmas on their Instagram page.

They also have a post on local Crisis support and how to get in touch with organizations.

We hope you won’t need the numbers but they are there in case you do. https://www.instagram.com/hosms_mentalhealthteam/

The charity, Step One, have also put together some helpful tips to help with the Christmas period.

‘We understand how stressful the festive season can be on your mental health. Many of us are affected by the season’s expectations, so you’re not alone. We’ve put up a list of top tips to help you get through the Christmas period.’ https://www.steponecharity.co.uk/coping-christmas-mental-health-tips

We will leave you with words that we, as a team, have shared with each other throughout the tough moments this year. ‘Be gentle with yourself’. Christmas can be overwhelming and exhausting . Be gentle with yourself. Set boundaries. Take time out. Find a safe corner to step into to gather yourself. Remember to breathe. Most importantly, don’t be alone in the overwhelm, find support; friends, family or the contact numbers we have shared throughout the week. You got this!