Recovery Development Fund 2021

Following a, let’s say, “unusual” 2020, we have decided to allocate our Recovery Development Fund differently for 2021.

Instead of spring applications for summer projects, the Recovery Devon team will both seek out and invite people and projects from across the county throughout the year.

We’ve allocated funds to a “Recovery Development Pot” and welcome any innovative, recovery-focused project ideas that would benefit from a small amount of financial support.

As well as funding, we also offer a wide variety of ways of working together to promote your project be it through our social media pages, vlogs, podcasts or our Phoenix Nights series of talks.

Project leads can also make use of our extensive community development expertise. We offer light-touch mentoring, as well as a little more hand-holding if needed to start you off.

If you have been thinking of a project that will make a difference in people’s mental health recovery and wellbeing, then please get in touch.

In the first instance, we’ll arrange a chat with the team. Any final decision rests with the Recovery Devon board, who meet monthly.

We want this new approach to enable increased flexibility, as well as a quick turnaround for projects responding to what their community needs.

We will also be revisiting some of our previous applications. So if you’ve applied before, you may receive a call from one of the team. Some previous applications may require adapting to a rapidly changing world, but we remain keen to support enthusiastic people looking to deliver great projects.

We’ve been strengthening our close partnership with the Devon Recovery Learning Community and many of the projects we have supported in the past have gone on to create new courses.

Whether you’ve run a variety of projects before, or whether you’re looking to explore your ideas for the first time, we will listen to your plans and find the best way forward together.

Every life-changing project starts with a simple call or email and we very much look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,

The Recovery Devon Team