Latest podcasts – Heroism and Grief

Hello Recovery Devon friends. We’ve two new podcasts to take you into the weekend!

Let’s Get Real About Bereavement

As community groups start up again, there’s one subject our listeners particularly wanted to have a conversation about: bereavement. It’s a subject that touches every life at some time, yet there are few spaces where we can talk openly about it. Whilst grief is a natural process, the repression of it can have implications for our mental health. Lockdown has made it particularly hard for us to mark grief with our companions and our rituals. Three local experts joined us to talk it through.

Rosie Dawson of Roots Community Enhancement leads Waves Bereavement Group in Dawlish. Bexs Rushton runs LOSS (Losing Our Sense of Self), a support and advice group based in Torbay. Sarah Bugler is in private practice as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Counsellor, specialising in grief. Em Flint hosts and shares some of her experiences.

From complex or complicated grief, through sudden or violent bereavements, to more “straightforward” losses, we learn that whilst no two stories are the same, there are some common threads we can carry back to support those who grieve today.

A theme of our chat is the need to speak plainly about the more difficult aspects of death and dying. We’ve made every effort for this to be safe and supportive listening, but please take care of yourself as you do so.

Owning Your Narrative

Sam O’Hara Childs is an actor, writer, and photographer who’s always chasing the next adventure.  Sam contacted us following our Cosplay podcast; he’s best known for playing Union Jack in a web series inspired by the Marvel universe. We were delighted to hear he wanted to share his personal story with us, with “story” being the operative word.

Sam believes that owning the narrative of your life is a powerful tool for transformation and recovery. In a conversation with Em Flint he explains what it’s meant to him and how it could help you. We talk about bipolar, OCD, rehabilitation, crisis, and transformation.

Sam O’Hara Childs

Thanks to Sam for writing an accompanying recovery story for our archives, “What Is A Hero?”

If you want to connect with or learn more about Sam, you can visit his production company channel Stonewall Toda.

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