Book Review

Cartoons of books and snow with the Recovery Devon logo. Text reads "The Great Recovery Devon Christmas Book Giveaway"

Our Christmas Book Giveaway has come to an end. Thank you to all those who ordered a book and participated, and even gave some out as gifts!

We sent a grand total of 85 books out!!

Here is a small breakdown of where they went;

North Devon – 8 Books

East Devon – 6 Books

South Devon – 16 Books

Central Devon (Inc Exeter) – 43 Books

We also sent some to Chippenham, Taunton and Chesterfield.

If you would like a copy of Riding the Storms or Beyond the Storms they are still available on our website. We also have a new book available called Living with Psychosis, which is also free!

Thank you to all those that ordered one of books during the giveaway. We hope the stories and voices bring you awareness, a sense of hope and the knowledge that you are not alone.