Annual Report 2020/21

We are proud to present our Annual Report for the period April 2020 to March 2021.

"Let’s take a collective deep breath, make ourselves comfortable, and reflect on a year like no other..."
James Wooldridge, CEO

The last financial year already seems a world away, and starting a new community development team on the crest of a pandemic was not what anyone had in mind. However, we turned the crisis into an opportunity, skilling ourselves up to work online, and strengthen our team.

As people who put lived experience at the heart of all we do, including managing our own, we found new ways to keep recovery strong. Sharing that learning forms a large part of our work in the current year; whether informally in the heart of our communities, or through our developing training and consultancy work. So if your community group workplace is finding it hard to recalibrate to “normal” after 2020/21, get in touch with us. We know a lot about recovery, and it’s never been more relevant than now.

We hope you enjoy reading of our hard work to bring it all together during such a time of separation, and draw your attention to the many thank you messages inside.