A great self-defence class.

A huge thank you to John and his team at The Karate Academy!

Last month they helped us offer a free self-defence class in response to community concerns following recent tragic news stories. This was an inclusive event for anyone that felt it would benefit their mental health.

The news stories had been especially hard hitting and this can always have a huge impact on our mental health, which can be really debilitating

As a mental health CIC we felt that it was important to offer the community something that could help ease those anxieties. We wanted people to have a chance to do something empowering and, hopefully, ease the feeling of vulnerability.

We had a good turnout of people even though it was a beautifully sunny day, with 3 couples and a trio!

The Karate Academy

Those who participated joined in following Covid regulations, and came in partners with someone from their household/support bubble.

This enabled everyone to practise the manoeuvres and really get a feel for what it’s like to use some of the methods that John was teaching. Muscle memory is a wonderful thing and it was important that participants got to try out the techniques with someone else in a safe and supportive environment.

Thank you to all that attended this event and for your wonderful feedback!

Some feedback from an attendee:

I’d just like to say that it was amazingly generous to offer a class like this for free, both on the part of Recovery Devon for organising it and the Karate club for hosting the event and giving their time, on a Sunday as well! The session was extremely well organised and professional, I particularly appreciated the supportiveness of Sami’s presence throughout in case anyone needed ‘time out’. The class itself was exactly what we had been hoping for, giving practical advice and techniques that anyone can use and the staff were great. We even got a goodie-bag at the end, which was a nice surprise! I would highly recommend anyone considering a future event to go for it.’   

If anyone is interested in attending a self-defence class then please get in touch with John through his website- http://www.karateacademy.co.uk