What’s new on the Recovery Devon podcast?

Our podcast has really come into its own! Podcasts were suggested at our open Development Day last December. Members felt they’d be an accessible way for people to explore different recovery approaches.

We couldn’t know then that the world was about to become “socially distanced.” It’s good that we were already well on the way to making podcasts at a time when they’d be most needed.

The variety of voices and styles reflect how deeply personalised recovery is. Whilst no two stories are alike, we often hear elements of our experience spoken by others. It’s a wonderful way to feel connected. For some, it can be a bridge to finding their own voice.

Here’s a run-down of our podcasts so far, and some news about what’s coming up next.

Episode 1 saw the Recovery Devon team talking about different approaches to recovery. Plenty of laughs along the way! Next up, a recording of David Hess’s talk, “Recovery Through Dreams.” This was our first Phoenix Nights talk series just before lockdown. David speaks about Jungian approaches to dreaming; a healing tool that connects us with our inner nature.

We have another one-man show in Episode 3’s “Out Of Our Minds.” Mike Smith riffs on engaging with the world and our own imagination. Next, a very practical tool for engaging with communities is offered by Jaki King from aDoddle. Their online maps connect services and people. Jaki shares what personally drove her to create this incredible resource.

CoLab’s Resilient Women joined us in Episode 5 to showcase their amazing approach to recovery in the justice system. Helping people to discover “what’s strong, not what’s wrong.”

Our own James Wooldridge and Ashley Callaghan were next. Their relaxed, yet compelling, approach to exploring psychosis is a great listen.

Our latest episode’s conversation highlights the under-represented topic of men’s recovery after sexual abuse. Courageous accounts of both lived experience, and creating services, are shared. MoMENtum Devon explains what helps, and what needs to change.

That brings us up to date. Coming up soon we have a chat with Devon leaders of Andy’s Man Club. It’s All About You Wellbeing will join us to talk about gender, sexuality, and recovery. Some more creative podcasts are in the pipeline too. We’ve comedy, music, and movement coming up this autumn and winter.

Our aim is to make podcasts that are safe and valuable for both makers and listeners. Feeling inspired to tell your story? Please let us know – email social@recoverydevon.co.uk. Collaborators tell us that they value the process as much as we value their contribution. So give it some thought. Your story might be just what a listener has been waiting to hear.