What a guy!

A 99 year old veteran, Captain Tom Moore, has walked 100 laps of his garden and raised over £17million for the NHS. What a guy! It’s the biggest donation total that the JustGiving site has ever made and the website even crashed due to the high visitors to the site. JustGiving also contributed £100,000 to Captain Moores ‘amazing campaign’.

Capt Tom Moore turns 100 on the 30th April and his family are expecting a huge amount of cards arriving in the post, and rightfully so. Amazing work, thank you Captain Tom Moore!

The Happy Broadcast also informed everyone that Lego have modified their molding machines to produce facemasks for those on the frontline. They are making more then 13,000 a day. Thank you Lego!

The Happy Broadcast

We are also still making our Recovery Devon Dailies on our Facebook page for anyone that would like a midday bite size video with recovery focused suggestions, ideas and tips for staying well during this strange time.

Equally if you’d like to join in and send us a video then just get in touch at community@recoverydevon.co.uk