Recovery Devons Safe Spaces Online

So us folk at Recovery Devon have realised that at the moment our social media and news feeds are bombarding us all with some quite overwhelming information. As important as some information is to recieve it’s also important that we take care of our mental health and find spaces that are less anxiety provoking.

We have created 2 ‘Safe online Spaces’ for people to visit as a relief from all of the tough news.

Our Facebook page is now a dedicated Coronavirus free space! 

We have decided that our Facebook feed should be a place of light relief for those not wanting to hear more about the Virus. We will be uploading a ‘Recovery Devon Daily’ which will consist of short vlogs, blogs, links and helpful suggestions for those that have found that they’ll be inside for a while.

So far the team have spoken about the importance of sticking to a schedule, making lists, journalling, limiting social media and being kind to yourself. 

These will be uploaded at midday everyday! We hope you find them useful.

Another space we are creating is this Positive Blog feed.

In tough times like this social media likes to overwhelm us with all the negatives that are going on around the world, fear makes money. BUT however much it feels like these times brings out the worst in us it can also bring out the best in us too. The best in community’s, neighbourly spirit, friends, family, co-workers and even complete strangers.

That is the silver lining, the magic moments that show us that all is not lost.

So this space is going to be dedicated to the good news that you might not hear on the 5 o’clock news. 

So if you would like a Corona Virus free space then pop across to our Recovery Devon Facebook page and keep up to date with the Recovery Devon Daily’s that we post.

Find us at: 

If you feel up to having some Positive but still potentially Coronavirus related news then watch this space and I will begin to upload the amazing things that are happening all over the world!

Quick taster of positive news, check this heart warming story out! 

The teenagers making deliveries to the vulnerable

Two teenagers in South Yorkshire have been handing out care packages to vulnerable people.

Matty Merry and Sam Hornsby, who are both 17, have been giving out bags containing items such as porridge, toilet roll and teabags to people in the village of Harlington who are self-isolating due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Sam said: “I really advise people to do it if you’re actually able to and if you’re willing to do it because I think at this moment in time, we really do need to pull together as a community.”‘