Positive News Source!

As promised, here is some more Positive News of things that have been happening around the world! There really are some fantastic people and organisations out there.

If social media feels a bit overwhelming at the moment please remember that it’s ok to switch off. Maybe think about allocating someone to give you the news snippets you need and nothing else, or set up bookmarks on your phone for the news and schedule a short allotted time to scroll through the new updates.

You could also try our Recovery Devon Facebook page which is a dedicated Safe Space Online and will not mention any Corona virus updates. We have daily videos going up from the Recovery Devon Team, and other organisations, with helpful suggestions of how to stay well, ideas of how to keep busy or permission to just relax. Anyway, on to the Positive News!

Positive News Number 1:

The Happy Broadcast are a source of happy and uplifting news. Most posts at the moment are linked with the Corona Virus, the uplifting news we don’t always hear about. The website has been running before this Virus began and is also full of Happy News from around the world. You can follow their website to keep up to date with positive news or follow them on Instagram for bite size snippets. Click the picture to go to the website.

Credit: The Happy Broadcast

Daisy- A symbol of resilience

Positive News Number 2:

News from the Evening Express, link to article below-

-A Bristol charity, ‘Caring in Bristol’, are working on a project that supplies free food to the homeless. They aim to feed 600 people a day during this crisis.

-Thousands have signed up to ‘Adopt a Grandparent’. A care home is asking people to video call their residents to tackle loneliness during the lock down.

-A boss of a company spent a whole Microsoft team meeting as a potato after using the filter and not knowing how to remove it.

-A resident of a care home in Surrey celebrated her 100th birthday with her friends and family safely over FaceTime.

-A 7 year old who had to isolate after moving house was sent messages of support from all over the world.