Podcasts and Posties

Today’s Positive news comes in the form of a local postie doing amazing things for the NHS workers in his community and also some podcasts that are worth a listen. We featured Andy’s Man Clubs Podcast on our blog a couple of weeks a go and have found a list of some other podcasts to listen to as well.

If podcasts are something you are interested in then Recovery Devon are recording their first Recovery Devon Podcast episode this week! It’s very exciting so keep your eyes peeled for when we share it on our social media. If you’d also like to take part in one of our episodes please get in touch at Community@recoverydevon.co.uk

Positive Postie

So this bit of Positive news is from my home town, Cranbrook! We are little (but growing fast) new build village just outside of Exeter.

We have a wonderful postman called Adam who is well known in the Cranbrook community as the dancing postman.

This wonderful postie realised, after lots of enthusiastic Thursday night claps, that Cranbrook is passionate about our NHS and also has lots of resident NHS workers. So he decided to do his normal work round dressed in a blow up T-Rex costume.

His day started at 3.30am and finished just after 9pm, it was a hot day but Cranbrook supported this champ by bringing him out refreshments and nibbles (and batteries for the costumes fan) throughout the day.

Adam raised an amazing £4,100.00 for the NHS and gave Cranbrook a lockdown day to remember. Thank you Adam!


Positive Podcasts

We are glad that you enjoyed Andy Mans club’s new podcast so thought we’d find a list of other podcasts that might be helpful to listen to.

Mental Illness Happy Hour

A weekly podcast all about mental heath and emotional battles from the past and present.

-For Goodness Sake, Mastery in the Mayhem by Cheaya Cheaya

‘My intention is to share tools of knowledge with you that you may apply them to your own life circumstances guiding you to the know-hows, your own intuitive inner wisdom and how to gain deeper clarity and insight into navigating this thing we call life.’

-The Happiness Lab

A podcast that discuss what ‘happiness’ really is. ‘Laurie will take you through the latest scientific research and share some surprising and inspiring stories that will change the way you think about happiness.’