Phoenix Nights take off again on Tuesday 27th October

Our series of spring and summer talks at Exeter Phoenix were cut short by lockdown. We did manage to hold just one a few days before the doors closed. David Hess, a member of the Recovery Devon board, offered “Recovery Through Dreams.” Luckily, David was willing to wear a mic so that we could record that talk, and it’s since become one of our most popular podcasts.

Over the last few months we have had to accept that holding in-person talks is unlikely for the forseeable future. So we’re delighted that our speakers have agreed to adapt them into an online event.

Exploring what it means to be fully human in today’s world

These joint explorations will be held “cafe-style,” rather than as a webinar. Besides the main body of each talk, there’ll be room for discussion and chat. And whilst we won’t have the Phoenix bar available in the next room, we hope you’ll bring along refreshments and treat it as something of a “night out at home!”

Our first Phoenix Nights Online is at 7:30pm on Tuesday 27th October, when Dr Nathan Babcock offers “Without Prejudice: Healing through Authenticity.”

A research scientist with specialization in quantum physics and molecular biology, Dr Babcock completed his education in Ontario and Alberta, before taking up postdoctoral appointments in British Columbia and Southwest England.

Diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in the wake of deaths of family and friends, his talk combines research with lived experience.

Addressing the question, “Who are we to judge?” Dr Babcock combines traditional wisdom with insight drawn from modern research to show that blameful assessments are unhealthy because they are untrue.

Assigning blame allows us to express dissatisfaction without admitting vulnerability, but this strategy comes at a cost: Over time, we come to believe our own “legal fictions.” This puts us at risk of failing to acknowledge the very need we seek to fulfil while alienating the people whose help we need most.

In this online talk, participants are invited to adopt the idea that there is no one at fault and none to blame, proposing instead that we live in a world of collective challenges and possibilities to discover, love, and embrace.

Find this and other talks coming up on our EventBrite page. We’ve a whole series coming up over the winter (including Dr Tom Cant’s Peer Supported Open Dialogue night on Tuesday 1st December.)

Your presence, questions, and feedback are welcomed.