Past Development Fund Projects

Thank you to all those who have applied for 2020’s Development Fund, this year we had an amazing 36 applicants!

Applications are being reviewed and chosen projects will be notified at the end of March. Whilst we wait for the new projects to be announced it feels like the perfect time to look back on all of the past projects that Recovery Devon has funded.

2016 Funded Projects

1. Happy to Share cards – Combatting lonliness in the community, an idea that has been taken on by lots of Devon cafes, it’s also been adopted by local cafes including Costa and Tesco, and has now gone international.

2. The Lions Barber’s Collective Mental Health First Aid training delivered by Astra Training – Featured on local and national TV and radio and has led to further training for barbers across the world.

3. Black Dog Arts rural workshops– This project met all of it’s objectives and provided artwork to be shared.

4. Pete’s Dragons suicide bereavement resource packs – Used to help support bereaved families across Devon and also led to further collaboration with suicide prevention initiatives around Devon.

5. Tom’s illustrated book – The book wasn’t completed but Tom shared artwork he created at celebration event and spoke movingly of own experiences, there was no funding claimed at the end of the process.

6. Mindfulness Book – The book was not completed but group presented at celebration day and spoke of positive impact of being part of process, again no funding claimed.

7. Massage Therapy and research – This led to a research paper that was used by a ward in North Devon to justify effectiveness of pamper sessions.

8. Theatre of the Mind – This project ended with the creation of a play that was delivered in schools with lots of positive feedback provided.

2017 Funded Projects

1. Iris Centre – DPT – Garden Project –This project led to patients growing and nurturing their own food.

2. Veterans’ Allotment

3. Fresh StART – Art journaling project in rural communities provided artwork as feedback – project lead also delivered Black Dog Arts RDF 2016

4. Write Me – A music project which  led to a song being  produced and presented at celebration day.

5. Write Out in Nature – Led by two DRLC tutors.

6. Re-Animation – The funds for this project covered training for project lead (DPT staff member) to use animation as therapeutic tool. The project provided an example of the animation process at celebration day

7. Gratitude in Photography – Led by DRLC tutor who runs own Community Interest Company

8. Alive Community Garden

9. PTSD Peer Support – RD funded the start-up costs for project lead to offer PTSD peer support, particularly to families.

10. Creative Farm Walk – A farm walk where creativity was explored and artwork produced, led by Organic ARTS who hosted the celebration day

11. Recovery Book – A project run by those working with child survivors of domestic violence which led to a professionally produced book containing poetry and artwork.

12. Nature Encounters – Run by DPT staff at Langdon Hospital

2018 Funded Projects

1. Yoga for anxiety and depression – Introductory yoga sessions delivered by Haidee Dampney

2. Wellbeing in Nature – Hakeford Woods – Free woodland wellbeing sessions delivered near Barnstaple

3. SPLITZ – Series of recovery and wellbeing sessions delivered in primary schools for children affected by domestic abuse

4. SAFE (Stop Abuse For Everyone) – funds towards Safety Net support group

5. Rhythm for Recovery – John Bryant, djembe drum instructor – Funds provided to provide six djembe drum for sessions including DRLC courses

6. Reading for Recovery – A series of six sessions at St Sidwell’s exploring reading and recovery. Led by Margaret Turner who used some of the funding to pay for training with The Reader Organisation

7. Mental Health Muscle – Funds provided Mental Health First Aid training for gym instructors. Training delivered by Debbie Williams

8. Horsemanship For Health – Partnership with Langdon Hospital to run a series of six pilot workshops with a cohort of patients.

9. 5 Ways Creative Workshops – Led by Cindy Rapson, funds went towards costs of producing a ‘Recovery Quilt’

2019 Funded Projects

1. Open Arms Art Exhibition – Funds went towards paying for an arts tutor to work with people from Open Arms peer support group based in Honiton. An exhibition of artworks was held at Thelma Hulbert Gallery Jan 2020

2. Standing Together – A peer support group based in North Devon led by Claire Crook.

3.Horsemanship for Health/University of Exeter – A research project into the effectiveness of equine facilitated learning with groups of people who have protected characteristics

4. Torbay Eating Disorder Support Group

5. Elevated Life – A project led by life coach Bianca Flood. A series of workshops exploring recovery and wellbeing delivered in South Devon

6. Outside The Box – Project led by Zoe Copeland working with people from the LGBTQI community and exploring outdoor spaces

7. Self-help Arts – A project delivered at Organic Arts where people were encouraged to create, market and sell artistic output made at West Town Farm

8. Sporting Memories – A project led by Ali Haggett working with mostly older gentlemen exploring wellbeing via the medium of sports

9. People Like Me – A project looking at developing a resource from Jess Foster’s artwork. Sadly on pause but is in the process of being revived