Jools Holland and a Mental Health toolkit

This bit of uplifting news was sent to me from one of our directors, Glenn Roberts. An interesting video that is VE day themed, Jools Holland shows us the piano that he learnt to play on, the history behind it and it’s journey throughout the war.

Jools Holland Get Creative at Home Masterclass

Pianist and broadcaster Jools Holland shows us the piano he learned on, its remarkable history & secret; and its role in the VE Day celebrations 75 years ago.Watch the full Get Creative at Home Masterclass on BBC iPlayer:

Posted by BBC Arts on Friday, 8 May 2020

We also have a Mental Health Toolkit that The Happy Broadcast put up on their Instagram page. Some helpful but simple tips to keep us grounded, centred and calm throughout this strange time that we all find ourselves in. Click the arrows on the picture to scroll across the toolkit.

Please remember to reach out if you’re mental health is slipping, you are not alone and DPT, community groups and charities are still offering support.

Content from The Happy Broadcast