It’s All About You Podcast

We’re joined on the Recovery Devon podcast this time by Max Cohen and Rea Pearson to talk about sexual orientation and gender identity. Are there some particular mental health challenges for different LGBTQ+ communities, and how can organisations like It’s All About You Wellbeing offer tailored help?

Historical perspectives are considered alongside current affairs, and we share ideas and exercises around gender identity.

Max has provided a rich variety of resources to support this podcast below. Thanks to Max and Rea for a fascinating conversation!

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Links and Resources to support the podcast

It’s All About You Wellbeing

Genderbread person –  aspects of gender identity and sexual orientation

Timelines of significant historical dates for LGBTQ+ communities

Guide to flags and terms My Umbrella LGBT+

NHS Gender Identity Clinics

The Memorandum of Understanding on Conversion Therapy in the UK

Magnus Hirschfeld – treated the first transgender patients to receive gender reassignment surgery

Diverse gender identities – a cultural history

From a presentation by The Mafia Trans @lamafiatrans

Lockdown videos from It’s All About You, too!

The team were kind enough to provide us with a series of videos as part of our Dailies lockdown project in 2020, and they proved to be amongst our most popular, stacking up thousands of views on Facebook. You can watch them all in a YouTube playlist here: