Dolphins in Venice and Dancing in Ireland

This next instalment of positive news has a wonderful video of animals reclaiming the world. As we have all been safely staying at home the world seems to be reconnecting itself with nature and healing. Pollution levels are at an all time low and a hole in the ozone layer has closed.

In this tough time it seems like mother nature is thriving and embracing a world with less people on the streets. Dolphins have been seen swimming in the canals in Venice,

the Himalayas are visible for the first time in 30 years,

and animals are reclaiming the world, there is even elephants roaming the streets in India.

I can’t think of a brighter silver lining to this virus then the fact that nature is thriving and taking this opportunity to expand and heal.

If that’s not enough uplifting news for one post we have some positive news from The Playtrail and John McGinley in Ireland. The group received funding from BBC Children in Need and have adapted to the difficulties of social distancing to keep their young people active and engaged by creating ‘The Good News, News?’

This video explains through some short clips how they are interacting and reaching out to those that usually use their service. What a wonderful example of people making the most out of an unexpected situation.

Playtrail: The Good News, News

Have you heard of The Good News, News? Created by The Playtrail, who receive funding from BBC Children in Need, they have overcome the difficulties of social distancing to keep their young people engaged and active. It's an amazing project and we can all agree that THE John McGinley is destined for stardom!Tonight Comic Relief and Children in Need come together for a special night of entertainment. Join us as we celebrate the people who are making a difference and help support those affected during these extraordinary times.The Big Night In, tonight 7pm BBC ONE NI.

Posted by BBC Northern Ireland on Thursday, 23 April 2020