Dailies become weeklies…

Thank you so much for the wonderful feedback to our Recovery Devon Dailies.

“These videos were most inspiring to form a new routine and perspective when lock-down first struck – a bite-size chunk of sanity in a world of apparent chaos and pandemonium.”

Facebook follower

We started them in a great rush about a week before lockdown. People were becoming overwhelmed with news about Covid. Remember back in March, when that word crept from the edges of our awareness into all anyone was talking about, and suddenly the shelves and streets were empty?

We declared ourselves a “safe space online.” This way, people could find solace for their recovery, away from the vast outpouring of news, speculation, and advice. One approach was to share a video at noon each day on our social media. This seemed to help followers establish a little routine in the chaos, something reliable in all the random. They were made on the fly by members of our team who were suddenly separated and isolated with little access to recording kit. Over time, members of our community began to get involved. Eventually, the dailies offered a whole variety of voices, faces, approaches, and ideas.

At the time of writing (end of July 2020), lockdown is starting to ease. Our dailies project has been wrapped up as we carefully prepare ways to connect offline again. However, we’ve learned just how much value there is in video updates. We’re continuing to share a weekly video every Friday on Facebook.

We’ve also had many requests to make the videos available in a more permanent way, and so you can find almost all of them on our YouTube channel. Some of them went out live on Facebook and perhaps aren’t relevant any longer, but the vast majority are there in perpetuity. Maybe they will hold a little value for crises of all kinds, big and small.

We hope they speak to you at times when you are doing the best you can, with what you have.

Thank you to everyone who helped our dailies project.