Christmas Day Chat 2020

Would you like a safe space on Christmas Day to share some light-hearted, socially-distanced cheer? Then come and join our little corner of Facebook for a chat on Christmas Day.

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference; sharing a view from a chilly walk, chatting about what’s on telly, or showing off your festive culinary skills!

A mug of cocoa and a bowl of popcorn beside a roaring fire

We had some lovely moments in our first Christmas Day Chat last year. From comedy Christmas jumpers to sharing the history of Yule, we enjoyed being connected – and with social distancing still in place, we’re expecting even more virtual visitors this time.

Like last year, we’re asking everyone to be kind and courteous and to take care of what they share. It’s a private group, but it’s still Facebook. So don’t share anything you wouldn’t be comfortable sharing with your neighbours!

The group is being run by volunteers who aren’t connected to mental health services on the day. So if you need urgent help, please visit DPT’s crisis pages.

Whether you know a lot or only a little about Recovery Devon, you are guaranteed a warm welcome. You might even make a few new friends. So come on in and hang your virtual stocking on the Facebook fireplace ready for the 25th!