aDoddle – get connected

Making it ‘aDoddle’ for you to find help, give help or get connected locally

aDoddle is working with you & your community to make it as easy for everyone to find help and support locally as it is to find a hotel or restaurant on Google Maps.

By Mapping UK Charities, Community Projects, Groups & Organisations together we are creating a national resource for use at a local level.

Woman using aDoddle on laptop

It’s free to create a profile on aDoddle, and this can hold all sorts of information, making it great for small groups who can’t afford a website.

You can tell people about what you offer, and what you need – such as volunteer placements or art supplies.

For people looking for groups, aDoddle includes a traffic light system, which tells you if the listing is out of date. This avoids clicking on links only to find the project isn’t running any more.

Check out aDoddle here: